A Hard Heart

A thick head does as much damage as a hard heart – Harold W. Dodds

When you get used to the hardness of the world, you naturally mirror it.

You mirror what you are often exposed to. A painful comment becomes less painful for you to spit out. Rolling your eyes becomes an easier physiology.

Pause; because your heart has found comfort in hardness.

So what’s so bad about a hardened heart? Nothing, except that like the way a towel gets wrung dry, your heart will slowly lose its potential for wonders, love, fragility, beauty, patience and kindness. You start becoming defensive, grumpy, ridiculously rude and all those other painful things that should normally occur on monday mornings.

I need a soft hard. When my heart hardens, I become like a tortoise with a rocky shell that doesn’t bother to truly listen, who stone-walls the world and avoids giving anything much.

Walking home one night the words, “heart softener” jumped into my head. I liken it to be how you would soften clothes that are too starchy or unbendable.

Whenever your heart is hardened, soak yourself in what makes you human; love and emotions.

Memories. Slowed time. Holding back on negative reactions. Smiling more (cheesy but true) Smiling at strangers (thats a heart melter alright). Someone who doesn’t have it altogether but don’t need to hide that truth.

Of course, whenever you soak in that softnener bath to re-heat your insides again, be sure the water in that tub gets changed once in a while, too.

If the heart becomes hardened, the eye becomes dry – Ibm Qayyim


Where feelings are concerned


For Joanne.

At times, I feel like I’m the only one who feels expansively, and sometimes, unnecessarily. It’s like picking out the lightning fleet notes, almost soundless, in a song. It’s like adding a specific number of salt grains into a bland dish. Or counting down in milliseconds, and capturing wind into a glass bottle. At times like these, I think I feel, perhaps, a little too much.

Then at other times, I solemnly swear we need people like that around.

I need someone like this around. Someone who feels the things I feel, who understands. Sometimes, that’s all we need. To know that there’s someone out there who cares. To feel not alone.